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Istorija Drveta Masline

Prot. Nr. 12638
Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO
Protected Designation of Origin

Customer's Feedback:

"...Un olio extra vergine d'oliva che esalta veramente ogni cibo ma se provate ad assaggiarlo su una fetta di semplice pane casereccio, sentirete il gusto, il profumo, veramente squisito...!!!
Nic & Vinc 30/04/2010

"...The extra virgin olive oil from the Paduanelli estate in Puglia is in my opinion the finest of the many I have tried from that country. A fine extra virgin..."
Ronald 15/01/2010

"Abbiamo potuto constatare personalmente l'attenzione e l'amore con cui la famiglia Paduanelli cura le proprie coltivazioni di olivo. Il risultato è un eccellente olio extravergine,..."
Jacopo 10/01/2010

"...their olive oil is so pure and yummy and taste so good raw just with bread or even on fresh salad! I absolutely love to cook and the oil does give a good flavour ... " Angeline 22/03/2009

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Extra VirginOlive Oil PDOExtra Virgin Olive Oil Paduanelli D.O.P. 2009/10Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L PDOExtra Virgin Olive Oil Paduanelli D.O.P. 2009/10

Paduanelli Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O.

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